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Allan  Holdsworth
1.  For  anyone who doesn't  know Allan  Holdsworth,  wass an  innovator in both jazz and rock.   unique guitar  textures, dexterity,   as well as legato  style   are legendary.  An inductee in Guitar Player Magazine's Hall of Fame and five-time winner in their reader's poll, he is renowned for his work with Bill Bruford, Gong, Soft Machine, and U.K.  His  personal  work  led heavily towards the jazz  side,  but his breathtaking solos  still wow metal, rock and improvisational fans  alike. R.I.P Allan,  you died way  too soon!

The day  before the show,  on the last  day of  school, I  sketched the drawing in my  sketchbook.  After the set was over,  I  rushed up    and in less than  30  min. he signed it.  Allan  seems like such a quiet man.  He is  the  epitome of the humble genius.   Thanks  Allan!

2.  On June 19, 2010, I had to  honor  to  see `Three Friends'  perform the  music of  Gentle Giant  at  the now-abandoned-  North East Art Rock Festival. Ex-Giant axeman, Gary Green  the  guitarist  and  the  leader of  the Three Friends  is  an  amazingly  funny  man and  an extremely  talented  guitarist.   It was amazing  to meet  him  for  the  second  time and  for  him  to  sign  my  quick  sketch  that  I  did  in  my  drawing  book  at  school. Thanks  Gary!

3.  Mike Keneally  ia an amazingly  ex-Zappa  guitarist  who  also  is  a   master  at the  keyboards.   He created the band `Beer  for  Dolphins,'  and  is in the live `Dethclok' band. One  of  the  few  musicians  that  can solo  with guitar  and  keys  simultaneously. An  extemely  kind  and  approacahable  fellow.  Thanks  for  signing  Mike!

4.  Neil Innes of  `The  Rutles'   and `Bonzo  Dog Band'    signed  this   many  years  ago.  For  the encore, he  would put a plastic duck hat on  and  sing- `How Sweet  to  be  an  Idiot.'   Neil is  considered  the Seventh Python (Monty).  And is  an  expert  song-writer who can bounce  between  the  hilarious  and  serious.  Very  nice  gent.  Thanks  Neil.  

5.  Ex-heavy-weight  boxer; Gerry Cooney  signed this  when I was  teaching  at  McManus  Middle  School.    Thanks  Gerry!

6  This  was  a rushed  sketch  I  did   before  goig  to  Chiller  Theatre  to  get  the  three starts  from  `I Dream of  Jeannie'  to  sign  it. Wish I  spent  more  time  on  it...

7.  Eddie  Jobson's   revised line-up  of legendary prog supergroup- UK,  came  to  Nearfest,  so  I  whipped  upo  a quick  skecth  and  waited  until  1am  for  him  to  sign  it  after  the  gig.  Thanks  Eddie!

8.  Renaissance  headlined the  last Nearfest  on Saturday.  After  the  gig,  both Annie  and Michael  signed  it.  Sadly  Michael  Dunford  passed on a few  months  after  the  show.

9. Steve  Hackett-  Genesis  Revsited  Tour    What  an  amazing  man  and  musican. 
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These are only a handful of all the covers I have done. To see more, you need to look round the Internet and discover.  Cheers!