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This site encorporates my father's art work. Lee Gaskins Jr.  was an amazing man as well as  a master  artist who's root were  in the Brandywine School of Art, before voyaging into the mastery of watercolors.  Creating over a thousand bodies of work, he is  considered a true  American Master.

At the Fair: The 1904 World's Fair
This site incorporates  vintage photos, post cards and  a few of my  art works to showcase one of the premiere moments in American history.
This site included almost 160 pages on the 1904 World's Fair and will be updated on a consistent basis.

The ProgRock Web site
My sister site, this  non-profit brand new web site that will try to  promote Progressive music. Information on Spock's Beard, Gryphon, Genesis. Arena, Gentile Giant and other groups. FAQs, Polls, reviews, Prog links, etc.   Anyone can  submit a CD review. This is a non-commercial  site.  My aim is to spread the prog music word. Over 80m bands listed and biographed.

The Human Club
Postive Art for a Positive World. Ron Gates created this creative and extremely wonderful site!

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Visit one of the world's greatest museums from your home.

Pre-Raphaelite Links
A very nice site honoring  some of the greatest art created.  Plenty of  pictures  as well as a very good links section.  Great artwork!

Annie Haslam
The  voice  of classic progressive band Renaissance and solo artist  extraordinaire,  has now taken up oil painting.  Check out her site! 

Unofficial Linden High  School  Art Pages
See some  of  the  work  and  studies  of  the  Linden High  School Artists. 

Lord of the Rings.Net
  It was so amazing seeing Peter's Jackson's  Lord of the Rings. It's not perfect, but is still a grand  study in  pic, yet passionate  film-making.  There are characters you actually care about (Hollywood has seemed to forgotten this). The sets and acting are first-rate. See it! 

James Stoddard Web Site
  A few books come along in a lifetime that are full of imagery and capture a sense of wonder (Lord of the rings, Wizard of Earthsea, Thomas Covenant Chronicles), well Mr. Stoddard has created a masterpiece novel  called `The High House,' Buy it today and read it.  You can hear a section of his book read by  (and music composed by as well), the author. Go to mp3.com and search for `James Stoddard.'

Ain't It Cool News
  A great site to keep  an eye on movie rumors. Lots of information and reviews. 

Steve Hackett Official Site
One of the best guitars period! Classical, jazz, blues, and some of the best progressive rock  ever written.

Rick Rice is a  new and upcoming programmer and a big fan of RPGs. He has created  a number of programs pertaining to RPGs.  Check out his site!

The Nashville Attitude
This is a country band to check out  and enjoy. Marc Vincent, is the leader of the group that is solid country, but can diversify into blues and even include elements of pop and jazz.  Marc also  plays jazz on the side. Marc and the group are always in demand and booked. They are very nice people. All the best guys!


The Official Red Dwarf  Site
Red Dwarf is one of the most creative and funny British television shows ever (no disrespect to Fawlty Towers).  Let's start that RD movie guys!



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