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My first 3:1 ratio piece. A  massive landscape  untitled- In That  Quiet  Earth. Named after a 1977 Genesis instrumental, I began to think about going Hudson River Schoolish, then `pulled back.'  I love composition images this wide, but given the complexity, and tons of texture, it was a chore. These long images,  sometimes start off as taking a prior work, shrinking it down, and working around it.  As  per 'Celebration,'  the stone hand on the right was a prior work, originally, it had an artist in the palm with an easel painting the landscape.  This image is an homage to my Dad. He taught me more about life than art. To  stick with your values (I do not smoke, drink, or take drugs), and always respect others,  especially Mother Nature. My father had painted several double-images before,   so this was my first serious one, and who to add?  Mother Nature of course.  I do NOT like doing nudes, but she there in the flesh, and is easy to see, especially after  finding her the first time. I had a bal doing the rocks!
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My childhood  television days revolved around the fantastic. I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters, Star Trek,  etc. One of my favorites was the Addams Family. When I started to get an appreciation for art, and in particular- Matte art wizardy. I  decided to `colorize, and paint the  Addam Family  Home from the  classic TV show.  So once again, I had to be creative with the color. Obvously the design is not mine.  Very fun picture to do.  Mr. Charles Addams, the creator of the cartoons, and show, lived in Westfield, NJ,  which was  the next town over from my childhood home. 

I do not do a lot of 'fine' art work. Stillif, landscapes, etc, they are usually demos I do for  school. And, I find them a bit boring to do.  I do have more 'fine' art but I am a bit laxy in posting it. lol