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These are only a handful of all the covers I have done. To see more, you need to look round the Internet and discover.  Cheers!
I hate creating logos. I know I can do them, but it's not  fun. This image was for a failed prooject called- EarthDay Brasil-, later changed to EarthDay Global.  I made quite a few variation on this from more  this Prog-themed logo to more modern versions.
I  really liked creating this band logo. Obviously, not a country band!  LOL 
Right after spending 120 hours on a  complex  dragon and squared water piece, the same guitarist asked me to create a logo for his record company that he would tie in with his first album- Believe in the Dream. Not only did he cancel the album but NEVER paid me for this logo. ‘Believe in the Lie’ would have been a more appropriate title. Thanks England!  Again!