Lee  Gaskins III:

Raised in Fanwood, New Jersey,  he is the proud  son  of  noted nature watercoloristist Lee Gaskins Jr.

After earning  an  associate’s  degree in horticulture, Lee  graduated New York City's  School of Visual Arts in 1984,  attaining his  diploma  in traditional animation and  illustration.

Three years  later, he received his teacher of art certification  and currently instructs  at the Linden  Academy of Science and Technology.

Past jobs include:  working  for Commodore Amiga-  providing software and hardware support for dealers, V.A.R.s,  O.E.M.s, and the Fortune 500 marketplace. Clients:  N.B.C.,  C.B.S.,  Colgate-Palmolive  Corp.,    Merrill Heater Productions- Beverly Hills, CA  (creator of Hollywood Squares).

As an  animator, he provided animations for:  Hughes Optical and  the United States government  ( `star wars'  missile  development ),  working on expansion packs for Maxis’  SimCity, to designing air-conditioners for the Carrier Corporation.

As a traditional illustrator and digital artist, clients have included: educational book publishers- Silver Burdett & Ginn Co, EarthDayGlobal, The Laser's Edge,   and various album covers   for   progressive  and metal bands.  
Lee  has  a vast  love  for  nature, as is  illustrated by his  love  of  gardening and  animals. He has a passion for progressive music, creative films, and the 1904 World’s Fair.  He is currently finishing up on  writing  an `old  school’ but  unique fantasy  novel. He and wife- Barbara have two adorable cats and currently reside   in the  bowels  of New Jersey. 

As a  Teacher  of  Art,  I  find   immeasurable pleasure  in  instructing  and  helping  the  youth   of  Linden,  N.J.-   to be  as  creative  as  they  can while embracing techniques,  exploration,  and rationale.  

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